Biggles and Pumpkin

Biggles and Pumpkin portray both Queen Victoria's dachsunds and F.A.N.Y. mascots in our displays. Queen Victoria was particularly fond of dachsunds, and often referred to them in her letters and journals.


Our yellow labrador, Dylan, portrays a F.A.N.Y. mascot and medical dog in our WW1 displays.


Currently sponsored by British Horse Feeds, Jennie's 5 year old black cob is the youngest member of our team and still in training. But with her friendly, calm nature and lovely paces, she always delivers a performance beyond her years.

In Memory of


Although the oldest horse in our team, Banner is the ringleader, who loves to carry the flag and lead the charge in a variety of displays.

Beinn - Highland Pony

Beinn is an award-winning driving and competition pony, with a fan club of his own!

He likes nothing better after an exciting display than a pyjama day with his best friend Ferry!

Ferry - Highland Pony

Ferry was invited to take part in the Military Tournament at Earl's Court, London, in 2012, where he portrayed Queen Victoria's highland pony.

Ferry also takes part in our F.A.N.Y. displays and occasionally rides with The Sealed Knot in their Civil War re-enactments.

Meet Some of the Team

           One thing we are proud to have in common with both the original F.A.N.Y. and Queen Victoria is our love of dogs and horses.

The memoirs of Pat Beauchamp are full of references to the many pets and mascots, including dogs, which the F.A.N.Y. either took with them or adopted while on active duty in Europe, as well as references to the horses they enjoyed riding whenever they managed to take a well-earned break.

Similarly, the journals and letters of Queen Victoria provide evidence of the important part her pets played in her life, particularly her highland ponies and her dachsunds. This is why our dogs and horses are such an important feature of our History Revisited displays

In Memory of


Sadly, JJ passed away earlier this year. She was a much-loved member of our team. The photograph with the poppies was taken on Armistice Day 2009.

'The Crusty Loaf'

Our original 1904 baker's delivery van often makes an appearance in our Late Victorian displays. It is also requisitioned by the F.A.N.Y. in our WW1 displays, for use as an ambulance in their training camp. The diaries and memoirs of the F.A.N.Y. provide evidence that all types of vehicle were requisitioned or donated as ambulances for training and active service purposes in WW1.

History Revisited

Romeo - KWPN

Romeo was part of the Kings Troop and has taken part in the 2011 Horses help Heroes charity run from Lands End to John O’Groats